Who we are

ZIv Cohen, Dror Ben-Ami and Guy Pross are three friends who met in Australia and returned to Israel with their families. They believe that a better Israel is possible if the public demands it. ZIv is a landscape architect; Dror is a wildlife biologist; and Guy is an information technology entrepreneur.


‘Million Hands’ is a grassroots campaign. We believe that the preservation of Israel as a Jewish democratic homeland is reliant on a two state agreement with the Palestinians and a narrowing of the social divide within Israel.


The campaign strives to create pressure on the political leadership to adhere to our objectives. Social media, grass roots activism and traditional media are all utilized to create pressure. The peak activity occurs during elections when the public is encouraged to vote for change.


The hands represent the public’s demand for change. They can be requested online and followers can join us on Facebook or through the website. During elections and on occasion hands can be found throughout Israel alongside roads, at a major junctions and parks. At peak political periods there also public activities like mass rallies and gatherings

Join us

Contact: Aviva Pardo | Phone: 054-430-2307 | Email: aviva@millionhands.org.il

Support us

The campaign is based on volunteer participation but the costs of creating hand displays and advertising (primarily in social media) require public support. You are invited to join in making a better Israel by supporting the campaign’s activity.